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Fare il massimo da Manutenzione Processo programmate impianti

The spring clean – that odd occasion where you attack the housework with extra vigour and clean the top of the cupboards and behind the fridge. The difference between a spring clean and summer shut down is the fact that there is nothing stopping you cleaning behind the fridge any day of the week. Shut down is often the only chance engineers and plant managers have to spruce up machinery. Peter Crossen, VP of the Maintenance and Partsmaster Innovation Platform at global water, energy and maintenance solutions provider, NCH Europe, looks at how to take full advantage of plant shut down.

impiantisti avvicinano estate chiuso in una missione per sostituire parti rotte e sistemi di aggiornamento. Mentre tutto questo è necessario per mantenere la produzione a livelli ottimali per i prossimi dodici mesi, è anche importante approfittare di questo tempo per pulire tutto accuratamente.

Riesci a vedere i problemi?
impiantisti hanno bisogno di pulire e sgrassare tutti i macchinari e le parti prima di iniziare i lavori di manutenzione, in modo da togliere eventuali problemi sporcizia-nasconde che potrebbero portare a tempi di fermo durante il resto dell'anno, se li dimentica.

To make this step easy and effective, you need to choose the right degreaser for the job and there’s a lot to consider. For instance, do you know if you need a degreaser that’s low foam or silicate free? Is the degreaser you’ve chosen NSF approved for use in your food production plant? Do you actually need a solvent-based degreaser?

Making the right choice will make degreasing easier, faster and more worthwhile. To help, you should approach a provider that can offer you a variety of options, such as NCH Europe’s Aqua-Sol range of water-based degreasers, as well as the knowledge to support your decision.

Via il vecchio
Shut down is the only time where you can swap out oils and greases. However, you can’t simply throw a new lubricant into place; you need to remove all trace of the old one.

For optimum performance, your new lubricant needs to be in direct contact with the part you’re protecting and cannot be contaminated with particulates that have accumulated during the year. Something like NCH Europe’s Flush & Clean solution will dissolve deposits and neutralise any acidic contaminants.

Un prodotto di pulizia efficace come questo funziona essendo consentita l'esecuzione attraverso il sistema per un breve periodo di funzionamento. Questo separa i depositi dalla superficie del sistema, lasciandoli sospesi nel vecchio lubrificante in modo che siano rimossi durante il cambiamento fuori.

Don’t let the little things trip you up
Non si può mai pensare realmente il vostro tavolino vero? Almeno non fino a quando qualcuno lo muove due pollici a sinistra e si cammina in esso. Questo è un po 'come la crepa nel pavimento del magazzino, la ruggine sulla vostra macchina o la fessura sulla parete esterna.

You get so used to seeing the cracks and the rust that you don’t notice they are getting worse until someone trips or a pipe bursts.

To remove rust and apply protective coatings you need space and time, so shut down is the best time to approach things like this. At NCH Europe, we’ve developed a full range of products to make all of this as straightforward as possible. For instance, our Salvage 2+ is an epoxy formulation that combines treatment and protection against rust into one step by encapsulating rust and preventing it from causing further corrosion, while at the same time creating a protective layer that locks liquids out.

We also offer one of the most hardwearing industrial floor coatings on the market, DuraBond, as well as Impervo – a coating that will protect external walls from the elements.

Going into shut down without factoring in cleaning undermines the long-term benefits of any maintenance work you undertake. An empty plant is the ideal environment to get everything spic and span before production starts up again to make a new mess. It’s a bit like doing your spring cleaning while the kids are out.

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