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Nuovo rapporto sull'applicazione della pompa: gestione del malto nel settore della birra

Clicca qui to download the report. The Document examines the process issues that Brewmasters and plant engineers must consider when handling malt mash and the pumping solution: A Verderhus screw-channel pump.

The key benefits of a Verderhus are a large open impeller for handling slurries with a high solid content and the efficient working principle, making it extremely economical to run. A Verderhus can be installed with almost any slurry in the food and beverage, agricultural, process, abattoir and waste food disposal sectors.

If you would like to obtain a quotation for a Verderhus or find out more information contact Verder UK +44 (0)1924 221 001 or email [Email protected].

See the complete range of pumps and services form Verder UK at http://www.verder.co.uk.

Verder (UK) Ltd

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