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armadio ATEX

Process control systems in almost every industry are becoming more complex; they are subject to greater scrutiny due in part to the demand for improved efficiency, regulatory compliance and higher levels of automation and plant integration. The need for bespoke or low volume system design is also growing as a result. Bürkert has addressed this challenge by developing the Systemhaus approach, where regional technology solutions centres sit between the sales offices and larger-scale manufacturing facilities, solving problems and building innovative systems on-demand.

Neil Saunders, UK General Manager for Bürkert, explains: “The market for small volume, specifically tasked control systems is certainly growing and the operational environments in which this equipment is working are complex and governed by a considerable amount of legislation such as ATEX or food and pharmaceutical safety and cleanliness standards for example. End users realise that transferring the responsibility of meeting these demands to a trusted supplier can reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies.

“The diversity of requirements and the global appetite for these systems means that manufacturers need to take a new approach in order to meet demand. Bürkert manufactures over 100,000 different products for example, typically valves, actuators, sensors, controllers and combined devices. Applying these products to scenarios that require specialist assemblies requires skill and experience as well as an imaginative approach, but without the volume constraints of large scale production runs. This is where we use our Systemhaus network.”


La definizione di un sistema di controllo su misura significa che i progettisti devono iniziare da zero, lavorando a stretto contatto con il cliente per stabilire quale sarà consegnato dal nuovo sistema e il modo migliore per raggiungerlo. Spesso tecnologia e componenti esistenti dovranno essere integrato con parti uniche e disegni personalizzati per ottenere la soluzione migliore.

Il principio di esternalizzazione questo tipo di progetto è considerato dalla maggior parte degli OEM come una parte essenziale della strategia di produzione che permette loro di rimanere competitivi in ​​un mercato globale in rapida evoluzione. In termini pratici questa strategia in grado di fornire una serie di miglioramenti, come la riduzione dei costi di gestione della supply chain, migliorando la produzione di agilità e l'utilizzo delle risorse interne.

Jens Fuhrmann, General Manager at Bürkert’s Dortmund Systemhaus, comments: “Modern process control systems can encompass a huge range of parameters, deliver micron levels of accuracy and repeat millions of cycles, all the while recording data for standards compliance or historic analysis. However, designing, building and delivering a new process control system requires considerable expertise and flexibility, as well as an in-depth knowledge of the industry standards and specifications.

Jens Fuhrmann GM Systemhaus Dortmund

“The most effective way of delivering a bespoke project is to assign a team that contains all the necessary skills and expertise to design, simulate, prototype, construct and test the finished product. Working closely with the client, this team has the ability to ensure the most efficient methods are used to develop an idea into the completed design.

“These teams can procure all the necessary components, both from our own product lines and from external suppliers in order to achieve the most effective solution for the client. At the same time all the components must be seamlessly integrated and work together to deliver the required control structure and meet the necessary industry standards.”

Systemhaus Dortmund

Ogni settore industriale ha le proprie esigenze e queste devono essere rispettate se qualsiasi nuovo prodotto deve essere accettato nel quadro del regime di certificazione corrente. Ci sono requisiti di legge del sistema HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) per l'industria alimentare che fissano standard molto precisi per quanto riguarda la pulizia, la sicurezza e la qualità del prodotto. Questi standard sono finalizzate a proteggere i consumatori e sono applicate rigorosamente in gran parte dei paesi con il regolamento.

Assemblaggio PannelloIndustries that are required to adhere to stringent hygiene regulations need process control systems that will seamlessly integrate into the existing, predominantly stainless steel process structure. Bürkert ensures that all pipework associated with a design is fabricated and welded by engineers that are ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) coded for process piping.

Allo stesso modo, componenti e sistemi operativi in ​​atmosfere potenzialmente esplosive devono essere adeguatamente testati e certificati come sicuri per tale ambiente utilizzando gli standard ATEX e IECEx. Questo è un settore che richiede una notevole esperienza e conoscenze di progettazione al fine di fornire una soluzione pacchettizzata, in genere su un pattino o in un armadio che è testato e garantito per operare in sicurezza una volta installato.

Neil Saunders concludes: “The benefits of collaborating with an industry leader that has the resources and expertise to deliver bespoke or short run projects should not be underestimated. The potential to reduce manufacturing lead times and costs as well as providing a guaranteed fixed cost of ownership allows a client to concentrate on their core business and improve their own productivity.

“The depth of knowledge and experience within Bürkert ensures that the finished solution will fully satisfy the client’s expectations. The completely in-house build programme will ensure that all the necessary components, including HMIs, PLCs and their programming will be integrated and ready to connect with the host system. We continue to support all our customers with their own projects, however, sometimes you need the scope and resource of an original equipment manufacturer to deliver. The fact that we are using our Systemhaus resources more and more in the UK just serves to underline the fact that the market has changed and will continue to do so.”

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