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Sistema Guida alla ridondante Valve Collettore (RVM) per il controllo di processo

Norgren, an international market leader in pneumatic motion and fluid control technologies, has unveiled a comprehensive guide to its highly innovative Redundant Valve Manifold (RVM) system for process control in the oil, gas and chemical sectors.

Available to download from www.norgren.com/rvm, the detailed but user-friendly guide covers the many benefits delivered by RVM, including rapid and simple installation and maintenance, elimination of unplanned shutdowns, and the combination of safety and availability functions in a single package.

Suitable for both upstream and downstream applications, RVM products negate the need for separate systems combining valves and pipes, delivering Engineering Advantage by combining all required functions in a convenient, compact integrated valve control unit.

RVM products provide redundancy in the event of valve failure while increasing time intervals between maintenance and delivering a variety of circuit functions with no need for pipework. Options include one out of two (1oo2), two out of two (2oo2) and – unique to Norgren – two out of three (2oo3) set-ups, to cover all requirements for both safety and availability.

Approved to all major industry standards, Norgren RVM systems significantly reduce potential leak paths, while there is no need to interrupt processing to install, service or replace a valve.

Phil Keating, Business Development Director – Energy Sector at Norgren, commented: “RVM products are already being extremely well-received by customers worldwide in oil, gas and chemical processing where safety issues and unplanned downtime cannot be countenanced. The development of RVM draws on Norgren’s 150-plus years of combined experience in these sectors to offer an SIL-approved system which reduces costs across the board in the areas of downtime, installation and commissioning, maintenance, and spares stockholding.”

Per ulteriori informazioni visita www.norgren.com/uk/energy.

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