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La funzione, i benefici e le applicazioni di usura valvole resistenti

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Wear resistant valves ensure precise and safe media control operation in a wide range of industrial applications. They are state-of- the-art devices having a durable, acid and corrosion-resistant construction that can be operated in different ways based in the individual application needs.

How Wear Resistant Valves Work
Wear resistant valves are mostly operated using air pressure. Based on their function, they are available in two types: normally closed valves and normally open valves. In the closed version, the valve is originally in a closed position held by one or two pistons. When the air pressure is applied, the valve opens as a result. The rubber tube, also known as hose, sleeve, bladder, or membrane, inside the valve body opens due to the function of pistons which are connected to it, enabling the free flow of media. The wear resistant valve returns to the closed state once the air pressure is taken off.

valve drawing
In the open version, when there is no air, the valve is open and the media flows freely through it. Upon the application of air, the rubber hose pinches together, shutting off the valve and obstructing the flow of media. The most common material used for rubber tube is natural rubber, which operates at a pressure of 2.5 bar to close the wear resistant valve. Natural Rubber is very good for abrasive and aggressive applications.

flanged drawing

Benefits and Applications
The following are some major benefits of wear resistant valves:

  • When they are in open position, the valve offers a full bore.
  • When they are in closed position, the valve will completely stop the flow of media and provide 100% tight seal, preventing any leakage.
  • The rubber hose/sleeve is the only wetted part in the valve.
  • They are easy to maintain and function.

wear resistant valve
Due to their highly durable construction and easy operation, wear resistant valves are used in a number of industrial applications. Some primary applications include pulp and paper industry, industrial sewage management, chemicals, pharmaceutical applications, building & construction, food, shot blasting and waste water plants.

The pinch valve by AKO is a wear resistant valve and can handle the above applications plus many more, far better than a butterfly valve. Butterfly valves can easily and quickly become clogged, and the seat or disc can also wear much greater than a pinch valve.

clogged butterfly valve

For more information please visit major applications of wear resistant valves.


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