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SICK Gas Analysis Launches New Support Services

Process Automation Application

Sick UK, the market-leading supplier of dust and gas emissions analysers and flow meter systems, is launching a new tiered package of service, response and maintenance options, following a restructuring of its support team to reflect customer needs.

With a range of more than 30 particulate monitors, gas emissions analyser and flow meter systems, including leading products such as the Dusthunter, GM32 in-situ NOX and SO2 analyser, Sick has a well-established reputation for technological excellence.

“Faced with increasingly stringent emissions legislation and the risk of fines and penalties, it’s never been more critical for operators to maximise the availability of plant and avoid unnecessary downtime,” said John Exford, manager Process Automation Division, SICK UK.

“For example, combustion process and boiler plant operators must ensure that pollution monitoring and analysis instrumentation downtime is minimal, or they could be forced to shut down plant – a highly costly consequence for optimised continuous processes. It could mean a waste incinerator operator having to buy premium capacity elsewhere to prevent material build up.”

In response to market demands, Sick has restructured its support teams in the UK to optimise it service to customers, delivered by a new tiered range of service and support options.

Depending on the customer requirements, SICK will offer guaranteed response options for its emissions gas analysis systems across all process combustion plant, with services differentiated on a 24 to 48 hour response availability, available on a 365 day basis. A range of telephone, online and emergency engineer call-out services are also available.

“As cost of service and call-outs can be a big factor in operating costs, we also offer a customised training package for operating personnel to develop expertise in instrument problem-solving, working closely alongside the Sick support team. Courses are backed by Training and Competence Certification,” John adds.

The Sick UK team also offers full range of services for completing Risk Assessments and Method Statements as well as a full range of Health and Safety documentation.

SICK Gas Analysis Systems and support services are relied upon by leading power generators, recycling and incineration plants, and other private and public combustion plant operators across the UK. Its range of technologies cover a range of applications from flame ionisation, Infra-Red, UV and laser-based spectroscopy, zirconia sensing, atomic absorption and interference analysis to colorimetric and light scattering technology.


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