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Rittal Ri4Power improves protection against accidental arcing within electrical switchgear systems

Rittal’s Ri4Power system

A key objective for Rittal when developing Ri4Power modular system was the protection against accidental arcing. Internal arcing could lead to production downtime but more importantly is a danger to personnel.

Rittal carried out extensive testing to ensure that the Ri4Power complied with the stringent IEC 61641 standard. Segregation and insulation of busbars ensures that screws and tools can no longer become in contact with unprotected busbars, functional units and terminals, thus reducing the risk of internal arcing.

In line with IEC61641 Rittal’s Ri4Power system utilises pressure relief covers. These covers reduce excessive pressure and explosive gasses in the Rittal Ri4Power switchgear within 30ms. During any internal arcing faults the doors and covers must not open causing dangers to personnel.

Rittal’s Ri4Power form 4 switchboards offers a solution that saves companies money by reducing downtime as well as protecting personnel from the potential danger of accidental arcing.

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