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New Cartridge Valve Ideal for Custom Manifold Designs

burkert cartridge valve

The new cartridge valve (Type 6164) from Bürkert is a pneumatic pilot valve where the solenoid and precision moulded plastic valve body will slot directly into any custom manifold. Due to its outstanding reliability, above-average service life and efficient performance this valve provides the best opportunity yet for OEM process and machine designers to move away from external packaged pneumatic control valves.

Due to the increasing importance of space considerations, weight and energy saving requirements, customised pneumatic control solutions are becoming more commonplace. The diminutive size of the new cartridge valves makes them ideal for use in multiples within compact manifold block solutions, where they can easily be positioned and integrated wherever it is most convenient.

This saves costs on materials and reduces the overall weight and size of the system or device. In addition to the use as the “core” of future Bürkert valve islands, the valve is now being made available as a stand-alone component.

Due to a wide range of conformance certifications, they can be used for general pneumatic piloting on machine, plus pharmaceutical production applications and for medical devices. Typically instances such as dental technology or in oxygen control units for mechanical ventilation for example.

The long life cycle and reliability claims are based on testing to more than 100 million switching cycles. The performance figures are based on switching times for opening and closing the valve of around 10 ms at a pressure of 1 bar and a temperature of 20 °C.

The standard cartridge valve also scores points due to its high flow rate, pressure range and energy efficiency. The standard version covers the pressure range from -0.8 to 9 bar with a power consumption of less than 0.7 W.

The valve body is made of PEEK and the seal of FKM. It is available in orifice sizes from 0.5 to 1.2 mm and with an operating voltage of 12 and 24 V DC.

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