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Lo specialista per il controllo del rumore assicura un contratto a sei contatti con l'azienda agricola britannica

Wakefield Acoustics, a leader in the design, manufacture and installation of noise control technologies, has secured a six-figure contract to supply a package of acoustic equipment for the new gas-fired power plant at Creyke Beck Power Station in East Yorkshire.

As part of the contract, the company will supply 11 high specification inlet ventilation modules, 11 outlet ventilation modules, as well as a series of acoustic doors to support the expansion of the Creyke Beck Power Station.

The new gas-fired power plant at Creyke Beck Power Station is one of the first of its kind in the region and is expected to provide backup power for as many as 50,000 homes at short notice. These ‘peaking’ plants are being built all over the UK to provide instantaneous backup power to the grid as unreliable renewables such as wind become increasingly part of the energy mix.

Wakefield Acoustics have been working with its client to design a series of high specification noise control acoustic modules to meet the requirements of the project. The modules have been designed to attenuate noise generated by the gas engines down to 70dB (A).
Each module is fabricated from corrosion resistant materials taking into consideration the requirements of the client and incorporates dampers and filtration systems.
Lee Nicholson, managing director of Wakefield Acoustics, said: “The project for Creyke Beck Power Station is the latest in our growing portfolio of power generation plants’

“On the back of our extensive expertise in this sector we are delighted to have been chosen as a key supplier to support the work currently being undertaken at Creyke Beck Power Station and look forward to working with our partners on the project to successfully complete the contract.”

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