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Newly updated 32-page earthing & bonding handbook covers hazardous area static electricity

Earthing & bonding applications hand-book

A newly updated and expanded 32-page earthing & bonding applications hand-book from Newson Gale provides a wide range of information on controlling static electricity in hazardous areas. Information sections include a general introduction to the hazards and methods of control of industrial static hazards, 17 illustrated application drawings, a guide to hazardous area equipment selection, a comparison of International, European and North American approval codes, a plant operator”s maintenance guide and a safety checklist.

The extensive general introduction to electrostatic hazards and control includes a review of the source and nature of static electricity, the harmful effects it imposes in various types of flammable or combustible atmospheres, common means of control including relevant technical standards and a discussion of the equipment available for hazardous area applications.

The illustrated arrangements are based on Newson Gale”s innovative range of static earthing and bonding equipment. The applications include those involving drums and containers, mobile vessels and equipment, bulk storage containers, tankers, drums in storage, fluidized bed and drying equipment, rotating vessels, pipes/ducting systems and personnel/footwear. One of the new inclusions in the handbook is the growing area of mobile/field earthing including vacuum tanker transfers and trans-loading. Each application is described in some detail and clearly illustrated, along with summarized guidance from the main international technical standards.

The guide to hazardous area equipment approvals and comparison of IECEX, European and North American certification systems covers the main international codes with thumbnail descriptions of each, while the maintenance guide and safety checklist are must reading for even experienced plant operators. The hand-book is available in printed or PDF format and is free on request from Newson Gale, the specialists in hazardous area static control equipment.

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