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Nuova linea di estrusione raddoppia la capacità di imballaggi soluzioni flessibili società

Linea di estrusione Davis-Standard

Oracle Packaging, a leading provider of flexible packaging solutions for the healthcare, food, household, personal care, tobacco and industrial sectors, has introduced a new state-of-the-art extrusion line to its North Carolina manufacturing facility. Designed and installed by industrial equipment provider Davis-Standard, whose extrusion equipment is known for both high output and durability spanning decades, the line will double Oracle’s extrusion capacity.

For Oracle Packaging, the significant infrastructure investment meets a need for expanded production across a variety of sectors. The company’s 450,000-square-foot production plant in Winston-Salem, NC has seen an uptick in business particularly from the healthcare and consumer lidding sectors.

In addition to expanded capacity, the new Davis-Standard extrusion line also brings versatility: the premium equipment expands Oracle’s industry-leading portfolio of extrusion technology, promising new capabilities that address its customers’ evolving needs. Representing Oracle Packaging’s largest business infrastructure investment in recent years, the line is already in production.

“The Davis-Standard extrusion line addresses a ‘good problem’ – the need for both increased manufacturing capacity and product flexibility,” said Chris Payne, VP Sales & Marketing for Oracle Packaging. “Among other specifics, the equipment also aligns with heightened customer demand for enhanced sealing performance for lidding, as well as overall cost-effectiveness.”

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