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advanced hydrodynamic bearings

A new brochure issued by John Crane has focused attention on the expanding range of advanced hydrodynamic bearings which the company offers. These bearings are able to satisfy the most stringent of today’s performance requirements and complement John Crane’s wider offering to the global rotating equipment market. That offering also includes mechanical seals, fluid control systems, power transmission couplings and advanced filtration systems.

The new brochure details how John Crane’s bearing products provide robust and reliable shaft-line technologies for the power generation, oil, petrochemical, marine and processing industries. Internationally riconosciuto for the levels of precision engineering, reliability and advanced technology that they offer, the bearings are supplied to leading manufacturers of turbines, compressors, generators, gearboxes, pumps and turbochargers around the globe.

The different types of bearings that John Crane offers are outlined in the brochure. These include standard and customized solutions for journal, thrust, combined and pedestal bearings, with fixed or tilting pad geometry, including self-equalizing and hydrostatic oil jacking systems.

The wide range of applications to which John Crane bearings are suited emphasizes the flexibility of these products. They result from a combination of proven scientific research and a programme of continuous quality optimization and the brochure explains how this enables them to provide outstanding levels of performance and reliability.

John Crane’s bearing solutions are supported by the company’s outstanding global support capabilities, modern production facilities and sophisticated inspection and tracking services.

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