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Leading Simulation Platform Accelerates Early Design Exploration & Increases Product Performance

Metso, will develop the next generation of its flow control equipment faster and more economically thanks to a new agreement with ANSYS (NASDAQ: ANSS), expanding its access to engineering simulation software and services.

Simulation is becoming more pervasive and is being adopted across the entire product lifecycle. ANSYS simulation enables Metso to move beyond creating complete digital prototypes and expand the boundaries of simulation upfront in the development process into digital exploration. This agreement gives Metso access to ANSYS’ multiphysics simulation platform to design and develop a range of products serving the oil and gas, pulp and paper and process industries. Metso will also have flexible license access and expert services to enable unrestricted collaboration to digitally model, simulate and test its innovative products.

Early design decisions lock in close to 80 percent of a product’s development costs. With ANSYS’ digital exploration capabilities, Metso can test hundreds of possible concepts early in the design phase and quickly assess a number of product performance requirements. Metso designers and product engineers can also identify optimal combinations while eliminating outlying designs to develop solutions that improve safety, minimise downtime and ensure trouble-free operation of customers’ processes – saving time and money.

“For more than 90 years, we have been providing superior valves to our customers in oil and gas, pulp and paper, refining and chemical industries. Our customers benefit from simulation through increased performance, safety and reliability of our products,” said Jukka Borgman, director of technology development, Metso. “By using simulation early in the design process, we can design and test iterations in hours, instead of days or weeks. This is a huge benefit to our product development, enabling us to cut down the number of laboratory tests, while increasing performance, safety and reliability without compromising on product quality or impacting our bottom line.”

“Metso is widely recognised for its product quality and advanced flow control technologies. They are responsible for developing some of the most efficient and effective flow control, mining and aggregate products in the world,” said Rob Harwood, global industry director, ANSYS. “These complex machines demonstrate how engineering simulation is at the very heart of the design of the next generation of industrial products. We are confident our simulation platform will further enhance Metso’s product performance and their development processes by supporting complete digital prototyping and enabling them to do even more digital exploration upfront in the design process.”

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