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Tenere Impianti di trattamento acqua corrente con Trace riscaldamento Termostati

Each year those involved in the water treatment industry hope for a mild winter because prolonged low temperatures can cause pipes to burst, even those with lagging installed. More and more, treatment facilities are increasing the use of trace heating on external pipe sections which can be controlled via a pre-built thermostat from Spelsberg.

Installing trace heating properly has never been a cheap option but the alternative of dealing with a burst pipe and all the subsequent problems can often outweigh the initial outlay. In addition, by managing the installation carefully and minimising the time on site, trace heating can be a very cost effective solution.

Spelsberg is helping both designers and installers of trace heating systems with its HT range of thermostats that are pre-assembled and ready for installation. The mechanically adjustable thermostat is built into one of its industry leading IP66 TK enclosures, along with terminal connectors and the temperature probe.

A complete range is available with operating temperature controls ranging from 0-40°C, 30-120°C, 35-210°C and 50-320°C, making them suitable for many applications outside of frost protection as well.

Chris Lloyd, Managing Director for Spelsberg UK, comments: “We have received a lot of enquiries about our thermostats from companies who had problems with frozen pipes last year. It’s not surprising that they are looking into preventative solutions when you weigh up the cost and inconvenience of downtime caused by damaged pipes compared to installing a simple trace heating system.

The thermostats are reliable and fully protected in the TK enclosure with a clamping cable gland used to protect the seal through which the probe enters. They are fully assembled in-house and upon delivery simply need to be integrated into the trace heating system and an active frost protection solution is provided.”

By their nature water treatment plants are more prone to exposed pipework being damaged by extended periods of cold weather. In some cases older trace heating systems may be becoming unreliable and the installation of a replacement thermostat could resolve the issue quickly and provide a dependable solution for many winters to come.

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