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Norgren to showcase duo of innovative products at OGA 2013

Norgren, leader nel mercato internazionale nella tecnologia di controllo pneumatico e fluido, promuoverà due innovazioni fondamentali per il settore petrolifero, del gas e sostanze chimiche a olio di quest'anno asiatico, Gas & Petrochemical Engineering Exhibition (padiglione 5, Stand 5406).

Celebrating its 14th year, the OGA 2013 exhibition is the largest and most prestigious sector event in the Asian region, hosting oil & gas leaders from around the world. Exhibitors representing some of the leading companies in the field will gather at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in Malaysia from 5-7 June 2013 for this year’s show.

Norgren’s stand will give visitors an in-depth look at the innovative technology behind two of its acclaimed products for the energy sector, RVM (Redundant Valve Manifold) valve systems and the F22H stainless steel coalescing filter.

The RVM product range offers customers a single, compact modular package that combines valves and pipes, eliminating the need to create separate systems.

Norgren designed RVM to replace piped or ‘nippled’ systems in order to provide users with the best of safety and availability. Each integrated valve control unit easily adapts to customers’ needs with aluminium and stainless steel variations suitable for both upstream and downstream applications. Norgren RVM systems also significantly reduce potential leaks, while there is no interruption in processing when installing, servicing or replacing a valve.

For systems operating in a remote location, RVM systems offer the advantage of on-line control with a bypass function enabling on-line valve removal. Users have cited simple installation and low maintenance as key benefits of the product line as well.

Norgren will also showcase the F22H stainless steel coalescing filter, a high flow filter that removes oil and other particles from hydrocarbon gas or air. The F22H delivers Engineering Advantage to power operations in corrosive environments such as offshore oilrigs, refineries and chemical plants.

The F22H filter is constructed from 316 stainless steel, strengthening its resistance to sulphide stress cracking and discoloration often found in corrosive environments. Its design features a large convoluted filter to better deliver high flow with minimal pressure. Norgren’s new design has led to production gains for many of its customers due to the improved filtration and reduction in contamination.

Available with an automatic drain that opens when a specified liquid level is reached, the product is ideal for unmanned satellite platforms.

Jon Taylor, responsabile settore energia di Norgren, ha commentato: "Non vediamo l'ora di esporre allo show 2013 di OGA. Per noi è una grande opportunità mostrare i vantaggi della nostra tecnologia innovativa a un gruppo molto diversificato e internazionale di potenziali utenti. Lo spettacolo è uno dei più importanti del calendario e siamo entusiasti di farne parte.

“The RVM range and F22H coalescing filter offer unique benefits that save costs and provide sustainable solutions for users, and we anticipate strong interest from visitors to the event.”

For further information on Norgren visit www.norgren.com/energy or to attend the OGA 2013 register at www.oilandgas-asia.com.

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