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Free Awareness Hydraulic Safety Seminars

As a leading supplier of 700 pressure bar hydraulic tools and equipment, SPX Hydraulic Technologies takes safety very seriously – so it is offering free awareness seminars on hydraulic safety, to companies around the UK and the rest of the world.

Held on the premises of the trainees, the safety awareness seminar covers areas that are risks when using hydraulic equipment such as identifying hazards, handling and storage, transportation, quality of equipment and plant maintenance, as well as a safety checklist. The awareness seminar runs for an hour with the opportunity for questions and answers afterwards, and attendees receive a safety handbook and certificate.

SPX Hydraulic Technologies ha collaborato con gli specialisti dell'idraulica Gee-Force per condurre i "5S + 1 Seminari di sensibilizzazione sulla sicurezza" in tutto il paese negli ultimi mesi, e sono stati ben accolti, afferma il responsabile territoriale di SPX Hydraulic Technologies Ian Harris.
“A high standard of training is necessary for the safe operation of 700bar hydraulic equipment, and this awareness seminar gives people an understanding of the possible dangers, such as high pressure injection injuries. The awareness seminars ensure our customers use force amplifying, high pressure hydraulic tools safely, protecting workers and avoiding lost time due to accidents and equipment damage.”

Workshop Team Leader for Score (Europe) Ltd, Jason Stephen, whose company recently hosted a safety awareness seminar, says, “I liked the statistics on health and safety. It was easy for the participants to understand, so they all use it when providing engineering services to our clients and when they are working with high powered torque equipment in our workshop.”

Another company that has been through the training awareness seminar recently is Great Yarmouth based Derrick Services (UK) Ltd. “The workshop was delivered to a group of trainees in our company who are new entrants into the industry,” says DSL Group Training Manager, Ian Pease. “It was useful to help them understand the products and the different aspects they could expect to deal with. All the feedback was positive, it’s free to attend and it was delivered on our premises.”

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