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Environment Agency plans for Farming Water Licences

Plastic Rainwater Tanks

Because the Environment Agency has announced that new renewal procedures will apply to all time-limited abstraction licenses due to expire from 2015 onwards, Elizabeth Truss, Environment Secretary, South West Norfolk MP and Defra secretary, has been hearing the concerns of farmers over water licenses in a forum hosted by her in her own constituency recently.

30 farmers attended a debate and they quizzed Truss on subjects ranging from EU subsidies, TB control, through to how to win planning support for agricultural renewables projects. And of course, issues relating to water licenses.

The Environmental Agency assessments for renewal procedures will be made to comply with the Water Framework Directive which aims to protect and improve all aspects of the water environment. A concern is that replacement licenses will be based on usage at the time, and not issued on the same terms as the expired permission, removing any flexibility in times of water shortages.

The Enduramaxx plastic water tank range includes a line of dedicated rainwater tanks that enable farmers to channel roof run-off for storage until required. Available in sizes up to 30,000 litres, rainwater is stored in a rugged, ribbed, single piece, rotationally-moulded, uv-stabilised polyethylene water tank, meaning that it is protected and preserved. Using rainwater tanks is just one way that farmers can control their own water resources and usage. Being totally unregulated and free of charge, rainwater harvesting is a very viable option.

For more on rainwater tanks and to learn more about the Enduramaxx range of horizontal tanks, including cone bottom tanks, please entrare in contatto adesso!


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