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AspenTech Marks 30 Years of Innovation and Leadership In the Process Industries

Focus on Process Optimisation has Helped Customers Achieve Superior Financial and Operating Results Over Three Decades

The year 2011 marks 30 years of innovation and leadership in the process industries for Aspen Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: AZPN), a leading provider of optimisation software and services. AspenTech is one of only a handful of software companies to reach the 30th year milestone, a list that includes companies such as Microsoft, IBM, Oracle and SAP. Over that time, AspenTech built and sustained its market leadership and remains the largest software company exclusively focused on optimising the process industries. For three decades, the world’s leading process industry companies have achieved superior financial and operating results using AspenTech’s process optimisation solutions.

AspenTech has been at the forefront of innovation in process manufacturing since it was founded in 1981 as a result of work done at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Since that time, over 1500 energy, chemicals, engineering and construction and other process industry companies have used AspenTech solutions to optimise their engineering, manufacturing and supply chain processes. As a result, leading process companies worldwide have standardised on AspenTech solutions to design and run more efficient plants, increase production levels, operate more agile supply chains, and reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprints.

Throughout 2011, AspenTech will promote the company’s three decades of innovation and leadership in the process industries. AspenTech will also commemorate the 30th anniversary at OPTIMIZE™2011, the company’s global customer conference. AspenTech re-named the conference “OPTIMIZE” to highlight the company’s core customer value – optimising engineering, manufacturing and supply chain processes to help process manufacturing customers achieve superior financial and operating results. OPTIMIZE 2011 will be held in Washington, DC at the Gaylord Conference Center, on May 23-25, 2011.

Citazioni supportate:
Mark Fusco, President & CEO, Aspen Technology, Inc.
“For 30 years, AspenTech’s focus on optimising the process industries has not wavered. Over that time, the backbone of our company has been a commitment to innovation and a clear mission to deliver best-in-class optimisation products delivering superior operating and financial results for customers. These have served as the pillars of our success to date and will be our guiding principles as we move forward.”

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