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Guide To Compressed Air Health & Safety Regulations

Thorite has published a bright and highly informative guide to the products and services it specialises in to ensure maximum efficiency and safety when using compressed air in the workplace.The new brochure comprises 5 sections covering Air Tools, Personal Protection, Services, Machinery Safety and Noise Levels. Each section provides a wealth of information for compressed air users, designed to make them aware of relevant problems, legislation and regulations, plus the simplest methods of ensuring compliance in all working areas.

The Air Tools section illustrates a huge selection of Low Vibration impact wrenches, sanders, grinders, chisel and needle scalers, plus useful accessories, as well as discussing the effects of Hand Arm Vibration & Carpel Tunnel syndrome, noise level and vibration regulations.

Personal Protection opens with important information on industrial application hazards, compressed air contaminants and current H&S legislation, then illustrates a range of air breathing equipment, air testers and air purifiers which are available to combat all possible personal protection dangers.

Thorite is the UK”s biggest independent distributor of pneumatic products and process systems, but it is far more than a box-shifting operation, as the third section on Services demonstrates. These include details of the Written Scheme of Examination, 2 Day Practical Pneumatics training courses, the BCAS Working Safely with Compressed Air online training course and Air Quality Testing to guarantee compliance with mandatory requirements.

The Machinery Safety section discusses the prevention of physical damage when operating machinery, safety solutions and integrity levels, with comprehensive details of the types of valves and control elements available to ensure system safety.

Section five provides guidance on industrial noise, explaining both the problems and regulations, with illustrations of some of the most effective silencing products available.

The new A4 brochure”s 20 pages provide “must have” Health & Safety information that will be of real benefit to management and staff in virtually every engineering, manufacturing and processing industry. The detailed H&S advice will hopefully lead to safer working environments and Thorite”s unique pneumatics expertise, backed by an unbeatable product choice, mostly available for next day delivery, provides the ultimate solution to the most important of factors in the workplace – the personal safety of everyone involved.

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