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Nuova guida per la cattura a velocità variabile per compressori Vantaggi

Leading compressed air specialist BOGE Compressors has published a new white paper explaining how to capture the full benefits of variable speed compressors. The document, titled Understanding variable speed compressors, is available as a free download from the BOGE website.

Variable speed compressor technology offers businesses significant efficiency advantages, but often these aren’t realised due to failings in equipment sizing, specification and operation.

BOGE’s new white paper explains how to overcome variable speed technology challenges and ensure compressors are optimised to deliver significant energy savings. This includes a thorough look at the sizing of variable speed compressors, how to correctly configure compressed air systems and the risks to be aware of when retrofitting. Additionally, the white paper also provides a real world example of variable speed compressors in application.

BOGE’s General Manager, Mark Whitmore, explained: “Variable speed drives offer a highly effective way of reducing compressor energy consumption, but capturing the full benefits of this technology requires considerable care in equipment sizing, specification and operation. The new white paper explains how to achieve this, so businesses can experience the wide range of rewards that come with maximising the performance of their systems.”

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