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Piano di manutenzione della pompa completamente inclusivo per prevenire errori del sistema di costruzione

In response to demand for reliable building services with predictable costs, pump specialist Dura Pump has launched a fully-inclusive maintenance plan, which the firm’s research suggests is unique.

The new contract plan, named Proserv Gold and available from the start of April 2017, is specifically designed to combat two often-incompatible aspects of building management: the prevention of inconvenient and damaging system failures, and cost-control.

Recognising the challenges that facilities and building managers face, Owen Ford, Managing Director at Dura Pump says, “Making lives easier by stopping the unpredictable expenditure that inevitably comes with failed sewage pits, faulty heating systems and other emergencies, is what ProServ Gold is about.

“Listening to our industry, we’ve learned that the unpredictability of the systems with which they work keeps managers awake at night.

“Our solution provides full nights of sleep! As well as no call-out charges or additional charges for repairing or replacing equipment, the contract includes remote system monitoring, 24/7 technical support, rapid response times and energy-saving assessments.”

The new service starts with an initial full site survey, and can cover any type of pump system including pump stations, booster sets, pressurisation sets, heating pumps, munchers, chiller pumps, interceptors or klargester, inverters, cold-water accumulators and pump controls.

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