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Custom Engineered Compressed Air Solutions

Custom engineered compressed air solutions from BOGE Compressors are helping customers meet their compressed air needs in complex industrial environments. From conception right through to manufacturing, commissioning and maintenance, BOGE’s custom engineered solutions are delivering a reliable and efficient compressed air supply in even the most challenging applications or the most extreme ambient conditions.

Designed to be economical, safe, efficient and durable, BOGE’s custom engineered solutions are tailored to the specific requirements of the customer, enabling them to maximise compressed air productivity. The custom engineered solutions available include both oil-free and oil-lubricated compressors, heat recovery and energy optimisation, compressed air treatment, and nitrogen or oxygen generators. These solutions are available in a variety of housings to suit a variety of environments, including: turn-key systems, which include pipework, cabling and ducting; plug-and-play containers; and on base frames.

To ensure the perfect solution, BOGE offers both a full and partial service depending on customer needs. This includes an initial analysis of customer requirements regarding output volumes and compressed air quality and the production of concept designs. Once the designs are approved, BOGE then begins manufacturing and testing the bespoke compressor before safely shipping it to the customer’s pre-determined site, where it is safely installed by experienced BOGE experts and commissioned. In addition, BOGE offers post-installation servicing and support to ensure the compressor is consistently performing at its optimal level.

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