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Compressed Gas and Air Solution Ideal Combination for Fresh Food Producers

Leading compressed air solutions provider BOGE is delivering reliable performance and high quality air and nitrogen to producers of fresh food, whilst also enhancing energy efficiency to help reduce day to day production costs

In the fresh food production process, compressed air plays a decisive role in cleaning and sorting, while nitrogen is essential for preservation. Bubbling water basins are controlled with jets of compressed air and during sorting and quality control, imperfect leaves are blown individually from the conveyor. Since the compressed air comes into contact with the end product, it is critical for quality reasons that only a compressor delivering 100% oil-free compressed air is used. In addition, nitrogen is used to slow and prevent the natural growth of bacteria on fresh produce, such as fruit and vegetables.

Thanks to BOGE’s complete compressed air and nitrogen solutions, ensuring the supply of absolutely oil-free compressed air and nitrogen with a purity level of 99% throughout the entire fresh food production process has never been easier. The solution incorporates a frequency-controlled SLF40-3 BLUEKAT screw compressor, which supplies Class 0,100% oil-free compressed air, and an N2 generator with down-stream container, which saves costly purchasing fees by producing nitrogen of the highest quality in-house and on demand.

As an additional measure to further enhance performance and energy efficiency, an F65 micro-filter can be installed to ensure the compressed air is absolutely free of particles, thus avoiding product contamination. The BOGE Duotherm external heat recovery system is also available, which recuperates up to 72 percent of the input energy used in compression in the form of heat. This recovered energy can then be used elsewhere, such as in heating administration rooms, resulting in considerable cost savings.

One example of a fresh food producer that is currently benefiting from BOGE’s complete solution is Germany based Keltenhof Frischprodukte GmbH, which produces more than 80 different types of fresh produce every day. By improving compressor efficiency and recovering heat energy for heating administration rooms, the green salad and herb producer has saved more than €18,000 per year since it introduced the BOGE compressed air and nitrogen formula.

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