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La nuova collaborazione per il sistema di barre di stampa offre uno sportello unico senza interruzioni per OME

Xaar Print Bar System

Xaar, leader mondiale nella tecnologia a getto d'inchiostro industriale, ha stretto una collaborazione con FFEI, lo sviluppatore globale di soluzioni di imaging digitale pluripremiate, al fine di guidare il piano Go To Market per il sistema Xaar Print Bar e fornire una soluzione completa senza interruzioni. negozio per produttori di apparecchiature originali (OEM).

The Xaar Print Bar System is a highly flexible and complete inkjet system that can be integrated with a wide variety of analogue and digital presses and converting equipment to add single-pass digital printing capability. By using the Xaar 1002 family of industrial printheads with TF Technology®, the Xaar Print Bar System can handle a wide range of inks and fluids, including spot colours (K or CMY), protective lacquers, high-build spot and tactile varnish, heavily pigmented high-opacity over- and under- whites and cold foil adhesives.

“We’ve been working with Xaar from the very start of the Print Bar System’s development and are delighted to now develop our collaboration to include sales and distribution,” commented Andy Cook, Managing Director at FFEI. “We want to help OEMs deliver digital hybrid print solutions to the labels and packaging market with innovative inkjet solutions like the Graphium and now the Print Bar System.”

Alan Mutch, Product Manager at Xaar, added, “Since the launch of the Xaar Print Bar System we have had an excellent response from the market. This is a product which really adds value to label producers as they can extend the life of an existing analogue press, whilst at the same time saving the considerable cost and time associated with analogue production methods. We have seen a great deal of interest within the industry from manufacturers of roll-to-roll presses who wish to offer their customers the ability to add digital functionality to their equipment so that they can deliver more flexibility, printing possibilities and creativity to their customers, and this new collaboration with FFEI ensures this will be delivered.”

Con il sistema di stampa a barre Xaar, gli utenti hanno una scelta di testine di stampa Xaar 1002 (GS6, GS12 o GS40 a seconda dell'applicazione). Un sistema di alimentazione dell'inchiostro e la gestione della stampa completa e le funzionalità di flusso di lavoro garantiscono un controllo preciso e totale del processo di stampa. Il sistema di stampa a barre Xaar è disponibile in larghezze di stampa da 140 mm a 560 mm e stampa a velocità fino a 75 m / min (a seconda dell'applicazione). Può gestire una gamma di inchiostri e fluidi UV da partner selezionati di inchiostri approvati.

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