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DRYPOINT M Membrane dryer with integrated filter

Models: DM08G19KAN, DM08G24KAN, DM08G28KAN, DM08G34KAN, DM10G34KAN, DM10G41KAN, DM10G47KAN, DM20G48KAN, DM20G53KAN, DM20G60KAN, DM20G67KAN, DM40G61KAN, DM40G75KAN, DM40G90KAN

Stable pressure dew point under changing operating conditions

The DRYPOINT M eco control is the first electronically controlled drying system where operators can control the degree of drying by setting the pressure dew point (+10°C to - 26°C) or the difference between the compressed air temperature and the pressure dew point at the outlet. This defined degree of drying is then maintained even under changing operating conditions. Energy is only consumed when needed for drying. This innovative system closes the technological gap between refrigeration and adsorption dryers.

The DRYPOINT M eco control does not only guarantee exceptionally low operating costs, but also guarantees excellent operational safety and fast response, all packed into a compact unit. That is why all models of this series bear our eco seal.

The system consists of tried and tested components such as membrane dryers, compressed air filters, control devices and sensors and is very easy to operate. Maintenance is reduced to a minimum, and there is only one filter element that might need to be replaced from time to time. The fail-safe function ensures that the compressed air is also dried in the event of a power failure.

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