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Van Beek was commissioned by the English company Entecon to supply three specially designed tubular conveyors to the Egyptian paint factory SIPES. These screw conveyors tip various raw materials for paint from storage silos into dissolvers (mixers), all in the correct quantities.

The installations supplied by Van Beek and Entecon are used in the pre-mixing phase of the production process. The raw materials for making paint are calcium carbonate, chalk, titanium and dioxide. These are brought in using big bags and 25kg bags and tipped into six silos with the help of six Entecon Big Bag unloading stations (with built-in facility for tipping 25kg bags) and six Entecon Aero Mechanical Conveyors. Under each silo is a personalizzate tubular conveyor made by Van Beek, that tips the products from the six silos in the right quantities into the six dissolver/mixers (dissolvers).

The whole powder transport, from the bag unloading stations to the silos, is housed in a separate room for explosion safety reasons. From this room the screws fill the mixers that are set up on the other side of a wall. The screws pass through the wall, such that the electrical section is in the safe room.
Screw conveyor

In 2003 Van Beek supplied SIPES with three similar screw conveyor systems for conveying powders. These are still operating to their full satisfaction which is why Van Beek has been involved in this project..

The three new screws for are 4 metre long tubular conveyors made of stainless steel 304 with a diameter of 400 mm. The capacity per screw is over 40m3 per hour and the screws bridge a conveyor height of 1.40 metres. The filling level is 50% because the screws are designed with a starting and main pitch. ‘Pitch’ means the distance between two screw blades. By keeping this distance small in the inlet section (starting pitch) and then increasing it during transport (main pitch) the powders have more space during transport. The motors are fitted with a built-in frequency regulator to simplify the control and regulation of the number of revolutions. They are also fitted with a separate display and cable for controlling the frequency regulator on the motor. All the systems are supplied by Van Beek in accordance with the new directives and documentation legislation in the Netherlands, as well as abroad.

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