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AxFlow’s sliding vane pumps address severe CO2 service conditions

Blackmer CRL sliding vane pump

Blackmer CRL sliding vane pump

AxFlow has revealed that its Blackmer CRL sliding vane pump is now being applied to the most challenging CO2 service conditions. The recommendation to use the Blackmer CRL for this application has come in response to requests from within the CO2 industry for a durable pump that is capable of handling the high working pressures required in liquid CO2 service.

The Blackmer CRL has been designed to provide maximum performance and reliability under the most severe service conditions and is capable of handling dry, non-lubricating CO2 at sub-zero temperatures with differential pressures up to 7 bar. Designed to operate on a continuous 24 hour duty cycle, the CRL is the result of four years of intensive research and development by Blackmer, the programme included more than 30,000 hours of combined laboratory and field testing.

“The pumps utilise Blackmer’s ‘standard-setting’ sliding vane design, which is recognised as offering the best-in-class characteristics of sustained high level performance, energy efficiency, trouble-free operation and low maintenance costs,” says AxFlow managing director Tony Peters. “A major feature that differentiates the Blackmer sliding vane pump from others is the presence of a patented cavitation suppression lines which has been designed to reduce the noise, vibration and wear that can be caused by entrained gas bubbles and vapour.” Other features of this pump include replaceable casing liners and end discs for easy servicing, an internal relief valve, mechanical seals, external ball bearings and two-piece threaded lock collars.

Constructed from ductile iron, the pumps are available in four individual port sizes with flow capacities ranging from 19 to 1,134 L/min, working pressures up to 35 bar and operating temperatures as low as -340C.

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