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Grundfos legame vitale eroga acqua in Kenya

Accessibility to good quality drinking water, is still a daily challenge for many people – especially those living in rural communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America. A recently signed contract between Grundfos LIFELINK and the Red Cross in Kenya means that 150,000 people stand to benefit from being able to easily access clean water because of this most recent agreement.

Grundfos LIFELINK A / S è una sussidiaria di recente costituzione del colosso mondiale delle pompe ed è stata istituita per fornire schemi di approvvigionamento idrico automatizzati, dove sono maggiormente necessari. Questi sistemi pionieristici combinano un'avanzata pompa sommergibile Grundfos SQFlex pilotata da pannelli solari, che funziona in combinazione con la tecnologia di telefonia mobile e trasferimento dati, che a sua volta si collega a un sistema di pagamento anticipato.

This innovative business model means that villages and communities can purchase the scheme and finance it through a local micro-financing partner. Repayments are made by users paying for their water via mobile phones, a certain amount of which is used to pay for ongoing servicing and repair work. It is expected that communities will have paid for these systems within 5 years after which, if they wish, they can choose to continue to pay a small amount to cover service costs. These systems can be viewed over the internet and will automatically send an error message, when required, in the form of a text message to LIFELINK’s local service department.

This is a scheme of global significance as it offers a long term affordable solution that delivers clean water to those who need it most. Grundfos are proud to be the name behind such an innovative solution that has the opportunity to make a long term difference to the life’s of so many people.

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