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All-in-one Compressed Air solution Generates Pure, Oil-free Compressed Air for High-quality Surface Technology

BOGE Compressors Paintline

Compressed air specialist BOGE has launched a new all-in-one compressed air solution for users operating in the surface technology sector. Paintline enables users to generate extremely pure, oil-free compressed air that is precisely tailored to meet their needs. It combines the most important components for generating and filtering ultra clean compressed air and covers a performance spectrum ranging from 5.5 to 22 kW.

BOGE Paintline is based on an oil-injection cooled screw compressor with special filter technology. This results in extremely pure, oil-free compressed air being produced that meets the specific requirements of surface finishers. BOGE Paintline attains class 1 purity where solid impurities and residual oil content are concerned, and class 4 purity where water content is concerned. Since Paintline is an all-in-one solution, including compressed air generation, compressed air treatment and condensate disposal, maintenance costs are kept at an absolute minimum while efficiency is maximised.

The various components featured in the BOGE Paintline work together so effectively that the only system configuration that is needed is to state the free air delivery required. BOGE offers all components as an all-in-one turnkey solution. This saves both the time and expense of fitting pipework and cabling at the user’s site. The filter technology in the system is matched to the maintenance intervals for the compressor and reaches a lifetime of at least 3,000 operating hours. The activated carbon filter, which is normally designed for only 400 operating hours, reaches a maximum lifetime of 4,000 operating hours, and the cartridge-type filter stage is easy to change. Also incorporated is a treatment system for any oil condensate that is produced.

BOGE’s innovative product designs also mean that the BOGE DUOTHERM heat recovery system and a frequency controller can be integrated in order to operate BOGE Paintline even more efficiently. For further information on the efficient and reliable Paintline, and any compatible products, please contact:

BOGE Compressori Ltd.
Rastrick Common Brighouse, West Yorkshire, HD6 3DR Mike Heeley
Tel: + 44 14 84-719921
Fax: + 44 (0) 1484 712516
E-mail: [Email protected]

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