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Operazione di recupero olio Porta a Nomination Premio Ambientale per Crown Oil

Crown olio è stato nominato per un premio per l'ambiente

A seguito di un'operazione perfetta per rimuovere e riciclare 6.4 milioni di litri di gasolio al Power Station Derwent, Crown olio è stato nominato per un premio ambientale dalla rivista HazardEx. La nomina del Contributo Ambientale alla categoria Industria riconosce che l'operazione attentamente sincronizzato si è conclusa senza spargere una sola goccia di petrolio, nonostante sui movimenti delle navi cisterna 200 siano necessarie.

HazardEx is the leading journal covering industries such as oil and gas, exploration, production and processing where explosive hazards may be present. Award winners will be revealed at a gala dinner in Harrogate on February 29.

The Environmental Services division at Crown Oil is one of only a few companies in the UK with the technical, commercial and distribution resources to undertake oil recovery work on this scale. The company carefully analyse and assess fuel recovered from industry and re-blend if necessary before it is sold to the market.

The Derwent contract was just one of several undertaken. Crown Oil successfully completed a similar project to recover 25 million litres of fuel at Medway Power Station in Kent in 2010 and is actively negotiating further contracts.

“Many power stations and large industrial gas users face a dilemma following changes to the interruptible gas tariff,” explained Crown Oil’s general manager Mark Andrews. “These companies may have large stocks of reserve gas oil that is no longer needed that will only deteriorate with time and may become an environmental hazard. Oil removal and the safe decommissioning of tanks avoid these problems and allow the companies concerned to release working capital.”

In addition to having a dedicated environmental services division, Crown Oil takes its environmental responsibilities seriously. All fuel deliveries by the company are carbon offset. Additionally, the company offer red diesel users an option to use a totally carbon offset fuel. For combined heat and power (CHP) plant the company have a high grade bio-fuel derived from 100 per cent sustainable sources. This enables users to collect maximum renewable obligation certificates (ROC’s) to offset against other carbon producing activity.

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Mark Andrews, Direttore Generale del Gruppo, Corona Oil UK
Tel. + 44 (0) 845 130 9777 fax. + 44 (0) 845 130 9888
E-mail: [Email protected] Web: www.crownoiluk.com
Crown Oil UK, Il Centro Olio, Bury New Road, Mucchio Ponte, Bury, nel Lancashire, BL9 7HY

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