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Molasses Tanks – Storage a Solution for Scarce Supplies


News from Queensland Australia gives farmers in the UK an insight into avoiding shortages of molasses by implementing reliable self-storage solutions. Having had a warm summer in the UK this year ourselves, Quensland’s drought stricken graziers are finding they are in dire shortage of molasses, vital for many livestock feed bases.

Some of the solutions viewed favourably by Queensland authorities and farmers alike are to implement on-property storage solutions. Although in the case of Queensland’s shortages this particularly dry year, on-property storage is not going to make farmers totally self sufficient, but the usage of molasses tanks can certainly take the pressure off farmers for relative periods of time.

Enduramaxx provides Molasses Tanks in sizes suitable for all farms and the tanks can also be used as liquid fertiliser tanks too.

For more information on these tanks and our rainwater tanks, plastic water tanks and cone tanks, please call 01778 562810 or email [Email protected].

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